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After a severe leg fracture from a fall, Gayle was advised by her doctor to take a series of Life Priority supplements (included below. Here are her words... "With a big thanks to you and Life Priority I got permission to walk again today 😀 Yeah!!!"


My doctor had written me a prescription for Calcium tablets which I had to stop taking because they upset my stomach. I started taking the 3-way Calcium with great results. It does not matter if I take it on an empty or full stomach, as I get no side effects of nausea and upset stomach. I have also received great results from the lift caps, as they provide me energy without the crash or increase in blood sugar associated with other energy products. If you do a quick search of the internet for Vitamin supplements you will find thousands of different products, many making outlandish claims. I will be a Life priority customer for life, as I love the products and have nothing but the utmost respect for the integrity of the owners.
Bill Werner
Life Priority is a power company that operates on a solid set of principle's that will also help you and your family stay strong and healthy in all your day to day lives... Thank you Greg and Michelle for all that you are doing... Many Blessings!
Scott Mendez
Professional Bull Rider
Weatherford, TX

I am the #1 Customer for Life Priority! Life Priority is a customer-to-customer relationship based business. Greg and I have personally used the same exact products we share with our customers and friends since 1994. We will only sell the same products we personally use.

Michelle Pryor, Life Priority Co-founder 1994
11184 Antioch Rd. #417 Overland Park, KS

"I have recommended Total Joint Complex from Life Priority in my office for years! I have found it to be very helpful, a great tool in the long-term repair and strengthening of all joint surfaces. It has been especially effective for the management of low back pain, where the most wear and tear occurs. Therefore, patients who suffer pain and inflammation in other weight-bearing joints of the body, such as the hips, knees, ankles and feet, can find this product to be especially effective over a period of time."

Heaton Chiropractic Center, Idaho Falls, ID

"There are many nutritional supplements available in the market place today none of which I have found
measure up to the quality of Life Priority. In today's busy stressful world, nutritional supplements can be beneficial to one's health. I routinely recommend vitamins and supplements to my patients in my medical practice of 35 years. I am personally acquainted with the owners of Life Priority and vouch for their integrity." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=624r6BJdnHs

Lawrence M. Houston MD
Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians
12701 Metcalf Ave. Overland Park, Ks. 66213


Hi Michelle and Greg, I wanted to thank you for continuing to provide Total Joint Complex to those interested in optimal joint health. I have used this product personally and professionally since 1994.

My first exposure to your Glucosamine/Chondroitin product was actually through the mother of a massage therapist who worked in my office. She reported her mother had suffered for years with a damaged knee and had been told repeatedly that replacement surgery was necessary for any quality of life. While she was desperate enough to finally consider surgery, she first wanted to try one last natural option. That option was TJC.

After only a few short months of use as recommended, this woman was no longer in need of a joint replacement to function without pain and with increased mobility. That is when I decided the product deserved a personal look.

I have used TJC for years and my knees thank me. Anyone who has experienced either knee or shoulder pain knows these two pains are extremely intense. The times I have slacked on my personal supplement regimen I always jump right back on as my knees feel years older without TJC.

Everyone I have on Total Joint Complex reports not being able to imagine managing the nature effects of aging or the consequences of prior sports injuries or the residual damage from auto accidents without the help of Total Joint Complex.

For the scientist in all of us, if you haven't tried this product, why not experiment to see what benefits you may enjoy?

Thank you Life Priority for making this quality product available. I appreciate your dedication to excellence.

Jill Young, D.C. Winfield , KS

John has had a successful reflexology practice in Boulder and has been a certified reflexologist since 1994. John brings almost 4 decades of meditation and self-healing to his practice. His work is deep, but gentle and he gets results. He has helped thousands of people and is ready to help you. John is available for house calls, classes, and training. John is the “sole” man.

Reflexology Works! Your Feet Will Feel Good and So Will You!

"I almost immediately started noticing I was feeling better. I take two [Lift Caps] each morning before I leave for my walk, and the difference is surprising. I'm not dragging as much. Then I started walking further, and before I knew it I was easily walking 3 miles a day and even trying to walk faster. The other difference is that my mood is better. I'm less grumpy, more interested in spending time with my kids, I react better to stressful situations... my whole family has noticed the change. The Lift Caps are helping with my weight loss, my attitude, and my morning exercise routine. I can't say enough good things about them. If you have been struggling with fatigue, depression, or just plain lack of motivation, I would encourage you to try Lift Caps."

Lisa Pennington Mother-Blogger-Homeschooler
The Pennington Point

Pam H. Overland Park KS

I take several of the Life Priority products and feel that they offer great quality and value. I hadn't tried the MIND formula but wanted to see if it would work to help me refresh my mind on days that I needed to enhance my concentration level.
I had a bottle of MIND in my kitchen that I had not opened. I had an afternoon full of projects to complete and just didn't feel like I had the energy to keep going! I decided to take the MIND and, to my surprise, about 30 minutes later I felt like I had a new day ahead of me. After taking the MIND, I felt more focused and completed all of my projects!
Since that first experience, I know to take it after a restless night of sleep, when I have important work projects ahead of me, or I am just plain worn out. It has been a life saver for me! I'll never be without it."

Pam H.
Overland Park, KS

Greg Pryor - MLB Player"From 1971 to 1987, I was paid to stay in shape by playing professional baseball. I didn't realize how fast I was aging until my career was over. Turning 40 years old was a turning point in my life. I became mentally tired more often, I was losing muscle mass, and I got the flu at least two times a year. Luckily, I learned about the value of getting enough of the right nutrients through the use of supplements. In 1991, I became a satisfied customer of Life Priority products. Among other things, I learned about the importance of using specific nutrients that could help keep my prostate healthy. I have had success using the Prostate Priority product for more than 15 years now. It contains several nutrients that have been shown in tests to help keep the prostate gland healthy."

Greg Pryor , Life Priority Co-founder 1994
Major League Baseball Player, 1971-1987

As a new veterinarian I am always on call. I love the Life Priority supplements. Lift Caps are my #1 choice to help keep me alert!
Thank goodness for Life Priority and Lift Caps!
Keeps me going all day so I can deliver little foals just like this!"

Zac Bruggen, DVM

I started using Durk and Sandy products in 1992 when I was a fitness
trainer and I was immediately hooked! My favorite products are the Lift, Mind and Muscle Memory. I have tried many products over the years and I have to say, the Durk and Sandy products are amazing. When I take my Lift, Mind and Muscle Memory, I feel focused, energetic, calm, brighter, my mind is clear and I even sleep better. I also notice that I recover faster from my workouts. I am a very busy mom and when I take the products I have the energy to weight train, keep up with my very energetic, athletic husband and keep up with my busy kids who play a lot of sports. I also love the way Greg and Michelle run their business. They really take care of their customers."

Nicole M., Wife/Mother/Personal Trainer
Valencia, CA

"I've been using Joint Decision for almost two years now, and without it I wouldn't be able to be as active as I am. I've played sports all my life and have many injuries and lingering pains, but Joint Decision helps me keep doing what I love. Recently I developed an arm and elbow ailment from bowling in so many leagues, but using Joint Decision has helped correct the pain and allowed me to bowl my first perfect game - 300! Thanks, Life Priority!"

Michael Tanner
Kansas City, KS

Joint Decision keeps my two 11 year-old Labs and myself hiking in the mountains!
I have been a loyal Life Priority customer for over 14 years. I am a cancer survivor and I am very picky of all products I use. Thanks for having such wonderful products!"

Kathy W.
Helmesville, MT

"My husband, Tony, and I have been getting great results from using Life Priority products for the last 25 years. We live in Northern California and own and operate a landscaping company, Southwest Greens Synthetic Company. Life Priority products help us stay focused and energized throughout the day! Our employees use the Life Priority products, LIFT CAPS and MIND, both of which help them during those hot days when we install synthetic lawn or landscaping. In the landscaping and synthetics business you cannot afford to make any mental mistakes. We both use LIFT, MIND, LIFESHIELD, TOTAL JOINT COMPLEX, and OMEGA-3 PRIORITY. Seriously, we use or have used all of the Life Priority products. You cannot put a price on your health. If you want to stay healthy and feel great, get on the Life Priority products and use them seriously!
We Thank God
for the Life Priority products!"

Charlene Franchetto
Oakley, CA

Ralph & I have been loyal Life Priority customers since 1994. We personally use almost all the Life Priority products. We have been very blessed with our good health and we know the Life Priority supplements have been our best health insurance policy. One of my favorite products is the Hair and Nails-- "I love my Hair and Nails from Life Priority, Inc! I couldn't get along without it!"

Janet H.
Independence, MO

"I have used Life Priority MIND for over 20 years. Life Priority is a company I trust to get the best quality supplements for me and my health. As a physician, I have learned the value of nutrition and my aging brain. MIND contains all the right nutrients and co-factors to help the brain stay focused and concentrated."
Dr. Bernice Lindo
Hermosa Beach, CA

"After 20 years in the big leagues as a umpire, three knee operations and looking at knee replacement, I know a little about knee pain. I learned from a good friend, Greg Pryor (Kansas City Royals third baseman), about Joint Decision, a dietary supplement that contains Glucosamine. What a difference it has made in my every day life. I walk 18 holes of golf at least 3 days a week and sometimes 5 with absolutely no pain. Life Priority has made my life a lot better!"
Drew Coble, Retired Major League Umpire
Myrtle Beach, SC

"I appreciate the wonderful products from Life Priority. I have used Joint Decision for over 6 years and am still walking. I have used other products but have found the best results with Joint Decision!"

Margaret Grey
Lee's Summit, MO

I have worked in the warehousing unit of my company for over 10 years.A Friend shared the Lift Caps with me. I have been using Lift Caps for over 6 years! I love the mental energy. I am picking and pulling products all day. My pick performance is much better since I started using Lift Caps! I am not as mentally fatigued and enjoy my job better too. T. Yedez
Lenexa, Kansas

"I am 82 years old and I have used Joint Decision for over 10 years. I was told I needed a knee replacement and I had little to no cartilage in my knee. I take 6 Joint Decision caps a day and have for over 10 years. I love Life Priority and the Joint-Decision. I know Life Priority is a company I trust, they care about me and my health!"

Margaret Deel
Wise, VA

"My joints feel great thank to Life Priority Joint

David Wickersham, loyal customer
MLB Starting Pitcher, 1960-1969
Kansas City Athletics, Detroit Tigers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Kansas City Royals

"With all the PT and hiking we do, joints get worn down and blown out. I see Marines who have been in for 10 years with the aches and pains that normal people don't get until later in life. I don't want to be hobbling around using a cane by age 30, so I use Joint Decision.
There are times when sleep is not possible when we're out in the field. To combat that I use Lift Caps. It's an easy way to stay alert and ward off the sandman. Staying healthy is essential as well, and Lifeshield is the best multivitamin I've found. An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure. Thank you Greg and Michelle for hooking me up!"

Jordan A.
San Clemente, CA

"LIFT and MIND really makes me feel better. I have as much pep and energy at the end of the day as I do at the beginning. My procrastination has ended. I put Christmas trees up this year in every room of my house for the first time. I even decorated the inside of my house as well as the outside without any help. I got my friend and dance instructor to use both LIFT and MIND. They both love it. My dance instructor suggested to me that I order more. With LIFT and MIND I can tolerate things now that I couldn't before."

Topper S.
Kansas City, MO

"You are a blessing. I know it's been over 1 and 1/2 years now since my first purchase of Joint Decision. I tried it for a couple of weeks and then put it up in the cupboard and of course got pushed to the back row. I simply forgot about it. I found the bottle while searching for something else. The pain was so bad, I had to have something in this cupboard that could help. There it was, Joint Decision. I began to take it. That same day as I recall I had received your newsletter and there it was again. I believe in confirmation when seeking for an answer. God opened it right up to me. So I started taking the Joint Decision and getting results. My pain extended from the neck to the shoulders and down my left arm and seems to have settled in my elbow. The pain got worse over the weeks and shot down into the hands and fingers. Its been about ten days now and I can see the difference. Between your fine products and my chiropractic therapy I'm on my way. Glory! Thanks also to Durk and Sandy for their long hours of commitment and researching to come up with such fine products many of us who know of them can count on. Thanks Life Priority! God Bless you as you serve Because of Him we shall have LIFE in His PRIORITY."

Virginia & Larry M.

Joe Henry - Truck Driver

  1. "I've been a truck driver for almost 30 years and a Life Priority customer for over 15 years. I use to spend the first part of my mornings feeling like I was running behind the curve, like I was trying to catch up with my day. Then I discovered Life Priority. Now, I start each morning with a combination drink that includes Lift, Mind and Muscle Memory. Quite honestly, it has changed my life. I find that my mornings are now more focused and I am ready to take on the day. Its amazing how great it feels to start the day feeling good, feeling focused, and feeling in charge of your day. I make another drink in the afternoon to keep me feeling that way the rest of the day. I also take several other Life Priority supplements. I take them with confidence knowing that Greg and Michelle have researched them and will only offer them if they are quality products.
  2. When it comes to Life Priority supplements...I'm a believer!"
  3. Joe Henry Prairie Village, KS

"I was worried about making it through the Christmas holiday because I had been so down and tired. I was also worried about being able to stay awake for a cruise I had already paid for. When my friend introduced me to
LIFT and MIND the results were immediate. I found myself lifted out of the Holiday depression and was able to enjoy my cruise. I began getting things done that I put off for months. Sometimes I'd put things off for years, such as phone calls, cleaning and organizing. Now I am able to get all of these things done. I feel wonderful thanks to LIFT and MIND."

Dee F.
Kansas City, MO

"Thank you for the
Joint Decision. The change has been, I'm convinced, a miraculous answer to prayer. It was in a concert of prayer someone told me of your product, and in early April, at about the time I began taking Joint Decision, I was prayed over by several fellow Christians there. The freedom from pain and flare-ups is a gift from God. The Lord has answered our prayers, praise him! Over the summer I was well enough to complete an album which I started back in 1994, but had been unable to complete earlier because of the frequent bouts with the flare-ups of Rheumatoid arthritis. The schedule was tiring, but joyful and almost pain-free. It is a joy to be able to perform the music with my family, also, and not get ill after exertion, as I used to. Thank you for your part in this healing work."

John B.
Hatfield, MA

Fetch? I don't fetch. I have my owner fetch my Joint Decision to keep my joints healthy. I have been a faithful Joint Decision customer since I can remember. Now that I am 7 years old (49 in human years) I can run around and chase squirrels like I did when I was a young puppy. I take 4 Joint Decision a day - two pills in my breakfast and two pills in my dinner. My veterinarian, Dan Hecker (Winding River Animal Clinic), recommends that I keep taking this supplement in order to keep my joints healthy and elastic. Another product I take for my health is the Omega-3, which is good for my doggy heart. Because of the busy and eventful lifestyle that my owners live, I have to give them unconditional love 24/7 which takes a strong and healthy heart. Dogs rule, cats drool. Woof woof."
Jack PawJack P. Overland Park, KS

Coach McQueen"I am a high school football and wrestling coach and a speed and agility trainer. I consider myself to be in above average physical condition for most people my age, but soon after my 51st Birthday, I began noticing aches and pains when squatting down, bending and even getting out of bed. I hated that feeling and wanted to find something to help. I discovered the Joint Decision product from Life Priorities and it has truly made a huge difference in how my joints and muscles feel during normal daily activities as well as my workouts, training and coaching. After just one week of taking the Joint Decision supplement, I could definitely feel a difference, so I recommended it to my 18-year-old daughter who suffered from aches and pains associated with 10 years of competitive cheer leading. Like me, she is getting great results and has even recommended it to a friend. I personally recommend this to anyone who suffers from joint pain.

Marlin "Coach" McQueen,
Owner of
Myosource.com -
Olathe, KS

"With the help of Life Priority products, I was able to finish my first 1/2 marathon in under 2 hours. Without taking these supplements, my body would not have been able to to endure the 13.1 miles. Lift Caps helped to give me stamina to finish out strong. During my training, I took
Joint Decision and Omega-3 Priority to help keep my joints lubricated. Muscle Memory helped after my training runs to bounce back and increase endurance! I plan to run a full marathon late spring with the help of Life Priority products! As a Southwest flight attendant, I love Lift Caps! They help me with my travel schedule."

Paige P.

San Francisco, CA

"I am writing to you regarding
LifeGuard. I just started taking your product about 4 or 5 weeks ago. I cannot begin to tell you the change I feel and started feeling about three days into taking your product. I am 42 years old (peri-menopausal) and was feeling very tired all the time. I also woke up in the morning feeling very stiff in my joints. After taking LifeGuard with every meal for just a few days, I began to feel very energetic and the stiffness has left and not came back. And as an added bonus (after being constipated most of my life) I became much more regular. I had purchased your product because of reading on the label that it contained Niacin and Folic Acid, which my doctor had told me would help reduce my cholesterol level. Thank you so much for this product, it has helped me a lot!"

Michele F.
Raytown MO

"I wanted to let you know how great a benefit your
Joint Decision product has made in the health of my knee. A brief history of my knee: After college, I played professional baseball for the Colorado Rockies for 4 1/2 years. Weeks after my retirement, I underwent the 5th surgery on my left knee just after my 26th birthday, a procedure that made major repairs to cartilage that had been damaged from a lifetime of athletics. More than two years after my last surgery, the pain in my knee was still keeping me from enjoying many of the recreational activities that I had done before. In fact, I was getting used to the idea that I would need a knee replacement by the time I was 40. I was regularly having to ice my knee after a round of golf, and I was taking Advil for days following a pickup basketball game. At the suggestion of my father, I began taking Joint Decision, one in the morning and one at night, and immediately felt relief from the nagging pain that I had been having over the last two years. Since taking Joint Decision, I have been able to resume activities that knee pain had stopped me from doing. I cannot tell you the difference the Joint Decision has made in the health of my knee and my state of mind. I do not overstate this when I say that my knee is free of pain for the first time in years. Time will tell, but Joint Decision may very well save my knee."

Brian C., Service Executive
IBM Global Services

Over the last 13 years, Life Priority has helped thousands of wonderful customers. The following is a story about one of our customers who we met recently. On April 28, 2008, Mr. S. Arthur Whorton called Life Priority looking for organic soap. Although we do not offer organic soap, Art was told about the other Life Priority products and chose to visit our warehouse. During Art's first visit, he purchased Joint Decision, Prostate Priority, Omega-3 Priority and Lift Caps. As he was leaving, I inquired about his age and he said, "I am 91 yrs. old and I am still employed." Recently, Art returned for his 6th visit to purchase more products and I asked him to tell me some stories about his life. I am proud to share a few stories about his wonderful life. Art was born on January 17, 1917. In 1939, he was the president of the student body at Westminster College in Fulton, MO. Art majored in business. While at Westminster, an all-boys school, he met a young lady, Martha Fairhurst, who was a student at William Woods, an all-girls school, also located in Fulton, MO. After graduating from Westminster, Art spent 4 years in the Navy during WWII. He and Martha married in 1944. Next year they will celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary! After graduation from Westminster in 1939, Art enlisted in Officers Training School in the Navy. He trained on the Arkansas battleship for 3 months to become a deep sea diving and mine disposal expert. During his 5 years of military service he became a Lt. Commander. Art dove to depths of up to 125 ft. in the Caribbean and was trained to disassemble German mines and U.S. Navy depth charges that were below the surface of the water. The Germans were trying to disrupt any supply ships that were carrying supplies to the war in Europe. He also cut metal with an underwater torch. While rising to the surface from deep dives, Art had to endure 2 stages of decompression when he would surface from his dives. After the war, he was in Fulton, MO and was in attendance for the famous Iron Curtain speech given by Sir Winston Churchill on March 6, 1946. Then President Harry Truman had a military advisor who was a Westminster graduate.The advisor was able to convince Truman to bringing Churchill to the college at Fulton, MO for one of the most famous speeches in history. Read the speech here. Life Priority is proud to have Art and Martha W. as our customers. We are glad that we are able to share a portion of their life with all of our customers. By the way, Art does not use any medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or diabetes.

Art W. Overland Park, KS

Dennis H. is on his feet lifting at work all day. He claims Joint Decision seems to lessen the resulting leg pain. He was also diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, but he feels with wrist braces and Joint Decision he is able to get along without surgery and has done so for over 3 years.

Dennis H.
Kansas City,

"It feels so good to be making contact with Life Priority once again. After 32 years of smoking, I became a non-smoker May 8, 1997. I had NO withdrawals. I, of course, give God all the praise, wonder, and glory because I trust Him to navigate my life. I had wanted to kick the habit for several years even though I enjoyed smoking. I had lost 1/3 of my lung power and a Houston specialist said I would be on oxygen when I reached 1/2 lost lung power. I got real serious with God then. I had been drinking the "stuff" - MIND, LIFT, Willpower Tea and Muscle Memory for about 6 months. My simple prayer on the night of May 7, 1997, was, 'Lord, You parted the Red Sea for the Israelites and I know you love me as much as you loved them, so I'm asking You for a Red Sea experience.' The next day I became a non-smoker. Now over 1 and 1/2 years later I am so grateful to God and Life Priority. The ingredients in the MIND powder really do feed the mind and cravings go away. It took God, Life Priority, and my desire for there to be VICTORY!! P.S. I'm back for more of the "stuff." I've got a lot of weight to lose! Mega Thanks!

Sherry Dee G.
Ft. Stockton, Texas

Jerry W. uses
Muscle Memory and Lifeshield. He says he definitely feels like he has more energy and stamina when using these products. He also managed to get through the entire winter last year without getting a cold.

Jerry W.

"As a pharmacist, I had been taught my whole life that nutritional products were worthless. I look back now and remember how closed minded I was now I am so thankful that I had great results with LIFT and MIND (even though I initially tried them just to prove that they did not work)! In 1991 a friend asked for my opinion regarding the Designer Foods from Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw. I patiently explained to him that I was well educated in this area, and products like this were not effective. However, I was unable to convince him because of his personal positive experience with the products. I decided to "humor" my friend try the LIFT and MIND just to prove two things:
1. They did not work.
2. I was right.
I remember that morning I mixed my first nutritional drink at the pharmacy, and being SURPRISED at how wonderful I felt! This is one time (and probably the only time) that I am glad I was wrong! We started using LIFT and MIND in 1991 and our family has faithfully used nutritional products ever since!
Thanks for the awesome products!"

Bev E. R. PH.
Toledo, Ohio

Richie Barron, a well-known musician in California, has been a customer since 2003. He loves Lift Caps and Muscle Memory. He takes Lift Caps every day, and always takes 2 Lift Caps 30 minutes before performing. His wife Deborah, a prominent attorney, also uses Lift Caps. To learn more about Richie's music, you can visit his web page here.

Richie & Deborah B.

"I am very thrilled with
Joint Decision. Since taking it for about four months I no longer need to use my cane, and find I really have no serious joint pain problems anymore. I have recommended Joint Decision to many people with arthritis. All these people whom I suggested were skeptical at first and now are as happy with Joint Decision as I am. Keep up the good work."

Kevin O.
Long Island City, NY

"About five years ago, I had an MRI that showed arthritis in my right foot. It was very difficult to walk 18 holes of golf due to the joint pain. A friend suggested glucosamine Joint Decision, three capsules daily. After about a month, the pain left and I have continued using this amount."

Ralph A.
Leawood, KS

Ann started using
Joint Decision in 1999 because she was told she needed surgery on her wrists. She has been using Joint Decision faithfully ever since, and she has prevented the need for surgery. In 2007, she received a sample of Lift Caps and now uses them faithfully because they give her that get up and go she needs to get up and go.

Ann S.

"I have arthritis in my knees. I had a car wreck 23 years ago. It knocked my knee cap out of place and the cartilage in my other knee is wearing out. The doctors wanted to do surgery, but I told them no, God is going to heal my knees. I took Advil for four years then heard about
Joint Decision on the 700 Club. I got some and praise God, I'm pain free and walking. I even exercise. Praise God for answered prayers."

Donna D.
Beattyville, KY

Joint Decision has helped me a lot. In fact, the pain is gone. My legs are still swollen but the pain is gone. Now I am able to walk comfortably again. I thank Life Priority and the 700 Club for giving me information on Joint Decision."

Gertrude K.
Downers Grove, IL

"I began taking the Life Priority Durk and Sandy products in 1994 when I was coaching U.S. Diving locally. I wanted to maintain energy, muscle strength, healthy mind, and weight balance. It was not long before I was hooked on the best products I'd ever tried. Being diagnosed with a terminal illness did not win over my will to stay healthy and strong even going through much devastation. Today in 2008 I am still diligently taking these products and have remained in remission from scleroderma and lupus for several years with very little flares or side effects."

Debbie S.
Blue Springs, MO

"I don't know why everyone who has joint pains doesn't take glucosamine! It's worked for me!"

Alice H.
Lees Summit, MO

"I was diagnosed with Lupus in 1978. I was tired and worn out. The
Muscle Memory and LIFT gives me more energy. I am now able to take care of my grandkids and volunteer at their schools. I have had both my hips and knees replaced and the Joint Decision and been wonderful for me. Life Priority products are a real blessing."

Edna N.
Kansas City, KS

"We have a big Samoyed dog who damaged his joints chasing bear. He has taken pain killers from the vet, but was still unable to get around well. Last summer I began giving him
Joint Decision morning and evening along with his medication. His improvement was remarkable, even the neighbors comment. He is 8 years old and weighs 85 pounds, so it was hard to handle him when he couldn't function."

Ronald W.
Oak Island, MN

"I'm so thankful for you folks and your products - especially the
Joint Decision. I started taking Glucosamine before Greg and Toby Tobin got together. After years of knee problems, I feel because of it, I am still walking without having to have my knees replaced - so keep me walking!"

Ruby W.

Overland Park, KS

"I know Joint Decision makes the difference because I was out for 5 days and I was already starting to limp when I was on my feet all day. I wanted to hug the mailman when he brought it."

Sharon L.
Richardson, TX

"I'm very satisfied with your product. I'm writing to you to let you know that Vitamin-C2 really works. I started taking it in March. I was so miserable because my immune system was so low. It seems I was subject to every virus in the air. I would keep a head cold and my nose felt like it had been cut from wiping so often. It was hard to heal. I also had irritation and weak nails. After about 3 or 4 weeks of taking Vitamin-C2, I felt different and it was for the good. I haven't had a cold in quite a while. No longer am I subject to the virus. It is safe to hug and kiss my grandkids when they come home from school. I thank God for Life Priority and the 700 Club."

J. F.
San Diego, CA

Joint Decision has been a true blessing in our lives! Please share a picture of me and my husband too! We feel GREAT--Feel free to share our testimony and picture with others. God Bless you and your staff!"

Rebecca & Gene D.

"I have lived in constant pain for years with arthritis and fibromyalgia. The pain was very bad in my hands and feet. I heard about
Joint Decision on the 700 Club. After using it for 10 days I stuffed envelopes with no pain. Then about 2 years ago my hip started to hurt so bad I had to use a cane. Tests showed it was fibromyalgia, not arthritis. I started using Pro Creation. In one month, I was off the cane and getting better. I also take LifeGuard and it keeps me energized. My husband is in his late 60s and still works due to taking Pro Creation for the past 3 years. He believes without it he would have quit work."

Shirley E.
Altaville, CA

"I'm writing this letter in an attempt to encourage every one who reads it to realize the great life that lies within each one of us when we pursue good health. I believe God has placed in each one of us the desire to feel good about ourselves. I'm very confident when saying that my good friend Greg Pryor and his products have played a vital role in my career. From our very first conversation in 1996 until I won my first World championship in 1997, Life Priority and all the wonderful staff have been there for me. Being a professional bull rider is very physically demanding and not to mention very dangerous. that is why I must first put all of my trust and faith in my heavenly father and secondly, use the wisdom and the resources that he has provided for me and my family in line of our health. Life Priority has truly made it their highest priority when it comes to providing us with the very best products whether it is in the realm of my professional sport of rodeo, or in my family's needs. I know that we can always count on great staff of Life Priority, and the Greg Pryor family who work diligently to assist all of those who are seeking good health and a higher level of performance. Thank you again for all of your hard work in making a difference in my life and my families lives. I pray that God will continue to bless you Greg, your family, and your staff in good health and in all that you are doing in an attempt to help people just like us in reaching all of there goals in life!"

Scott M.
World Champion Bull Rider

"I love LIFT and MIND - they help my stress levels. I don't feel down and I have lots of energy!"

Maurice B.,
Counselor for a Boys Home

"I first heard about Life Priority and Joint Decision on the Toby Tobin show. I was surprised to here Toby talking about a health item on a lawn and garden show, but I trust any product or service that Toby advertises. Over the months I heard testimonials about the positive effects Joint Decision has on arthritis. At age 52, my hands started to ache during my physical demanding work. The pain continued o intensify and I started to worry about my future. I decided to give Joint Decision a try. Taking 4 a day my pain started to subside. At present, my right hand is completely pain free any my left hand is almost back to feeling normal. Thank you Mr. Pryor for your company and your products."

John G.
Leawood, KS

"Lift Caps are the best adrenaline builder I have ever experienced." I love the Joint Decision too!- as do the Champion Show Dogs I raise.

Robert S.
Las Vegas, NV

"I started using
Joint Decision in 2003. It relieves pain in my knees and ankles."

Wilba H. Olathe, KS

"Your product,
Joint Decision, has helped the pain in my knees. I used to get a terrible jolt of pain in my left knee everyday when I stepped up on the curb to enter the building where I work. After three weeks on the Joint Decision, the pain was diminished. I walk three miles a day now and don't think I could have done that before taking the glucosamine. As long as I take it consistently, I can go about my business relatively pain free. I really notice a difference if I forget to take it for a couple of days. I really do appreciate your product."
Sharon S.
Kingston Springs, TN

"I first heard about glucosamine,
Joint Decision, on the Toby Tobin show. If I'd known about Joint Decision years ago, I'd saved myself a lot of pain and time which I spent at therapy and doctors offices. I am taking it for a hip injury which was the result of a canoe accident from a year ago. I quickly realized it was healing other joints as well. I have slept flat for four years because of shoulder joint pain. Now that pain is gone. I do still have arthritis, but the pain is gone. The only problem I have now is to be careful not to over do, because I feel so good."

Ruth L.
Belton, MO

Billie H. of Overland Park, KS loves our Glycemic Flour. She puts two tablespoons in her cereal every morning and says it gives it a creamy taste.

Billie H.

"Nearly two months ago, I purchased Joint Decision for my 92-year-old mother who suffers very badly from an arthritic spine and knee. I was looking for something natural. I am really delighted to tell you that within the first week she was noticing a difference and was not needing to take as much narcotic medication as previously. We thought it was too early for the Joint Decision to really be working but the improvement has been maintained. In fact, she is feeling much better within herself without so much ingestion of these strong chemical medications. I want to say how grateful I am to have found Joint Decision."

Paula V. R.
Mooresville, NC

"Dear Michelle & Greg,
I just wanted to share our testimony about Life Priority's product Joint Decision. I first heard about JD from a national vitamin chain store employee about 10 years ago. My doctor had prescribed glucosamine for osteoarthritis in my hip joints. But when I went to buy it, the clerk told me that she had heard what sounded like a wonderful company and product on 700 club that morning, and suggested that I call the 700 Club and request information about it. I got the information and then called and talked with Greg, who explained in more detail about JD. When I got my first bottle I started taking 6 capsules a day. I felt relief in about 2 weeks, more so, than when I was taking prescription medication. I currently take 2 capsules of JD EVERY day. My husband has always been very leery about taking supplements, but when his right knee hurt so much that he was having difficulty walking and couldn't sleep at night (neither could I because he tossed and turned all night) he asked me to let him try the Joint Decision. He felt relief after about a week. However, about a year ago, he decided he didn't need the Joint Decision any longer because his knee was fine. About a month later, he asked me to PLEASE put those little white capsules back in with his evening pills. Now if he opens his pill holder and the little white capsules aren't there, he asks me where they are. At one time I ran out of Joint Decision and decided I would just buy the glucosamine at the drug store and substitute it for the Joint Decision. WOW! What a difference! My hip joints started hurting again so badly, and I was getting the creaking sound in them when I would try to stand from a sitting position. I won't make that mistake again! This product is a Godsend for us. I can testify that this is the best product for arthritis I have found and there are not the side effects that come with prescription and over-the-counter medications. I don't want to forget to mention Spot, my beloved Border-collie. He also had arthritic hips and was on Rimadyl, which is quite expensive, and was not really good for him, so, I decided to try Joint Decision on him and it worked! He was able to get around much better and I was saving money too! This product improved the quality of his life during his last years. Thank you for a wonderful product and also great customer service. Whenever I call, I either talk to Michelle or Mary and they are always so very kind and helpful. I especially remember Michelle's kindness right after Katrina. She took time out of her busy day to listen, and I will always remember that. One more thing before I close: The last time I placed my order I told Mary that I had taken my last Joint Decision that day, and had forgotten to call sooner, she told me that it would go out the next day. But you know what? She personally took my order by the post office that day, so that I would have it sooner. Now, how sweet is that? God Bless them both! I still think your glucosamine is the best. Last time I ran out I had to get something cheap, it was not good."

Sue D Kansas City , Ks.

I have use the Life Priority supplements for over 15 years. I consider quality and integrity of a supplement and the qualification of the formulators. Life Priority is a great supplement company dedicated to it's high quality products and it's customers! Thank you for supporting me and my health.

Barbara C. Overland Park, KS

"I have been involved with supplements for over 20 years and the Life Priority products are without a doubt the finest quality supplements on the market today. I have ordered from many companies that claim to have Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw formulations and I am always disappointed with the quality and also with their customer service. In my dealings with Life Priority, however, I always get wonderful customer service and the supplements have always exceeded my expectations. Thank you for being my supplement company of choice to assist me in living a better quality of life and for being so positive every time I call you!"

Rich Dahl

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